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AZIENDA CSPLAST From over 30 years Csplast has been handling in the mould construction and in the thermoplastic moulding sector. We can manage the most various demands and we can offer a complete service from the development of the design and photorealistic render through to mass production.


Thanks to our long manufacturing tradition and experience, we can help a lot of customers from different sectors, such as safety, automation, medical or food plant.


We carry out in our headquarter in Colorno (PR) all the necessary steps to develop a new product from the development of the design and engineering through to the construction of the injection mould and the plastic moulding.


This fundamental integration of the whole productive cycle in a single reference and supplier allows us to offer a very complete service, which optimizes the managing costs and the production times.

We are always looking for the most innovative and efficient materials on the market and we are always updated about the newest technical solutions in our sector. In this way, we can offer the best to our customers. Moreover, we never forget the respect for the environment, and for this reason we make green and environmentally friendly choices in the use of the raw materials and in the employed machinery systems.Choosing Csplast means to choose the attention for customer care, a typical element of a family-run company. Furthermore, Csplast has been able to grow up and to adapt itself to the requests from a global changing market, without forgetting the creativity and the attention for the Made in Italy.


“A design object is the result of many people concerted effort, each with different and specific technical, industrial, commercial or aesthetical skills. (…) Those that defines the engineering process is exactly the constant relationship among different professional figures, from the entrepreneur through the last labourer”
(A. Castiglioni)

We offer our experience and our creative skills to our customers in order to properly answer to every kind of needs: aesthetic study of a new product to be launched on the market; identification of the functional elements to obtain an ergonomic product, complicated engineering of technical and mechanical components. During all these stages, we never forget our final consumer’s needs such as production costs, technological and productive processes and times of realization. In this way, we always obtain the best with the minimum economically and timely efforts.

  • EXPERIENCE: we have been designing and making moulds for thirty years.
  • PROFESSIONALISM: 30 years of experience in the injection moulding of plastics.
  • PASSION: a top-quality partner which, thanks to its know-how in the polymers sector and understanding of the possible applications, is able to accompany the client from the design stage to the end product.
  • CREATIVITY AND ATTENTION TO DETAIL: experts in the design of plastic components for all sectors where aesthetics are extremely important, for example: electronics, security, automation, medical devices, home automation.
  • DESIGN FOR PRODUCTION FEASIBILITY: industrial designers generally concentrate on functionality, appearance and ergonomics. We focus on another important point: designing products which can actually be manufactured
  • CONTINUAL RESEARCH AND CAREFUL SELECTION OF THE MOST SUITABLE MATERIALS: experts in the design of technical components made from plastic where understanding the characteristics of polymers in relation to the mechanical systems of intended application is essential if optimum mechanical results are to be achieved.
  • TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION: Experts in metal-to-plastic conversion to guarantee significant savings in the production of components.
  • All products and processes 100% MADE IN ITALY

1979 “Corradi Orlando Snc”, a small company in San Polo di Torrile near Parma, Italy, is founded by Orlando Corradi. After years spent working as a technician in a company operating in the plastics industry in Switzerland, he decided to come back to Italy and put his knowledge and experience to good use. The company designs and produces plastic articles and moulds primarily for local companies.


1983 The founder is succeeded by his son, Stefano Corradi, who is still the owner of the company today. The company changes its name to become “Corradi Stefano Srl”. Investments are made in new machinery and equipment and the company staff increases with the appointment of qualified and highly experienced technicians. The company grows rapidly, extending its business to a national level. The moulds become more sophisticated as do the moulded products. Production still focuses mainly on technical articles, used in mechanical and food companies, but the first experiences in metal-to-plastic conversion are gained, experimenting with the application of new technopolymers.


1990 The company also specializes in the design and production of plastic containers for electronics thus diversifying its business into two very distinct areas: technical articles and electronic casings. As a result of the greater attention given to the technical, mechanical and aesthetic aspects of the components produced, industrial design, simulation and three-D modelling become increasingly more important.


1996-1999 The company takes part, as a pilot company in “Sim Mould” – a technological transfer project co-financed by the European Commission within the scope of the Fourth Framework Programme (R&TD). The project involved Technological Centres and SMEs from Italy, Sweden and France, promoting the introduction of CAE tools for simulating the flow of plastic materials in moulds also in small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the sector. In particular, Csplast made its own experience available implementing and testing simulation software in order to guarantee optimization and dissemination. http://cordis.europa.eu/project/rcn/33995_en.html


1999 “Corradi Stefano Srl” becomes what is now known as “Csplast Srl” and moves to a bigger plant in Colorno (Parma). The engineering department is strengthened by the appointment of top-level designers and engineers. In collaboration with the University of Parma and the Polytechnic University of Milan, it creates “Coverbox”, a project which aims to promote the design of articles made from plastic for electronics and its application in industry


2005 The company, in continuous growth, invests in the purchase of new injection presses and extends its plant in order to strengthen its production department to meet the ever increasing work load resulting from commercial expansion into foreign markets.

2012 PLASTDESIGNSTUDIO is established in Csplast (which improves and replaces Coverbox), a design, engineering and industrialization studio dedicated entirely to plastics which, thanks to the experience already acquired in the sector is able to manage all the design stages from the initial idea to the actual product.


2013 – TODAY Every day we tackle new design challenges and collaborate with top level companies where design and quality make the difference. We continue to be curious and to grow with our clients. We experiment with the new ideas in the sector, we use new and increasingly better performing polymers, using them to replace metal, we can count on new IT technologies which allow us to create better designs with greater precision and we are improving our moulds engineering and construction systems. For our Clients we are, in every sense, real “ plastics consultants”. We want to offer them ever better products, optimizing performance and costs.