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Industrial instrumentation

Strumentazione indusriale CsPlast

Our wide knowledge of the field of polymers, together with our constant desire for innovation and experimentation, allows us to create projects for articles, even very complex ones, for industrial applications which must meet specific safety requirements and be easy to use by operators with very different levels of experience

Our support begins with the design of the plastics which must be suitable for the intended use of each instrument and must observe aesthetic, ergonomic and structural requirements that guarantee easy installation, use and operation, even in extreme operating conditions.

During the engineering stage, also through structural and flow analyses, we develop projects for creating appliances which can pass the necessary tests to obtain product certifications, such as water permeability testing according to specific IP ratings, flammability testing according to UL standards, impact testing to verify the resistance to impact and compliance with the main safety standards.

Our experience in the industrial instrumentation sector includes the development of a large range of electronic equipment including:

  • Analogue and digital measuring instruments
  • Testing and control equipment
  • Diagnostic tester
  • Battery charges and power supply units
  • Digital gauges
  • Thermostats
  • Portable pressure measuring instruments
  • Portable temperature measuring instruments