Hand-held devices are used to describe articles which may be very different from one another depending on their field of application.  In some cases the most important product requirement for plastics is the appearance: when offering the same functions as other products already available on the market, an appliance has to look better than the others if customers are to choose it.  In other cases specific design features based on the intended use of the hand-held device are added to the aesthetic aspects: water resistance in accordance with specific IP ratings, self-extinguishing to meet UL standards, resistance to impacts, radio frequency shielding, observance of the main safety standards.  

Designing hand-held devices which simultaneously meet the most complex criteria is the order of the day and our capacity to rapidly assimilate specialized knowledge means we can create efficient projects for a wide range of applications. PLASTDESIGNSTUDIO supports the client in creating highly professional equipment which is simple to use and is studied down to the last detail in terms of suitable shape, style and design.

Our experience in the hand-held devices sector involves the development of a large range of electronic equipment, including:

  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Sat navs
  • Scientific instrumentations
  • Testing and control equipment
  • Automotive diagnostic tester
  • Safety products
  • Industrial and IT automation
  • Home automation
  • Lighting
  • Battery charges and power supply units