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Quality control

In Csplast the quality control service carries out careful analyses on every injection moulded piece, in order to guarantee that products are always corresponding to the agreed requirements.

The controls are meticulous since the arriving of the plastic materials, which are always accompanied by their batch conformity that declares the raw material conformity as regards to technical, mechanical and aesthetical properties.

We do regular spot checks above plastics by moulding plastic tags and testers with different forms and thickness that are both used for a preliminary structural test intended to verify their aesthetical performance with different surface finishes and to control the color conformity with a spectrometer.

During the injection moulding phase the spot checks rate is established with the clients and it is based on the complexity of each piece. The methodology of   these controls is defined by our Quality Control Department in collaboration with the client and it takes place with the use of measurement instruments (calipers, viewers and microscopes) and/or with specific instrumentation internally realized useful for dimensional and structural test.

During the post moulding stage it is carried out an additional control (mainly from an aesthetical point of view) and all the packaging and labeling indications of the client are followed.

Until today Csplast has not wanted to adopt a quality system that is third party because we believe that a qualitative model which is specifically realized on our kind of product and connected to our customer’s needs is more efficient and cheaper. We think that this model works well not only from an economic point of view, but also and especially from a timely point of view.

We own an internal quality control system relating to general models used in big realities but purified from some procedures which make efficiency loss if they are used in a small reality like our one. Our quality control system adapt itself rapidly to the needs or specifically controls which are required from our customers and this allows a constant improvement on the basis of the problems encountered from time to time.

Our customers, in collaboration with us, can determine the critical dimensional measures, the structural strength and the aesthetic requirements that has to be verified so that we can effectuate checks during the mass production. Moreover, a computerized procedure allow us to give you a detailed check report related on every delivered production batch.

Csplast is always willing to clarify any additional points and to personally show you the proceeding used to assure you that your products are always in accordance with your qualitative standards