The designing and realization of mechanical components specifically belong to the technical sector. These items represent an important production sector in Csplast and they can vary from a simple technical piece to a complex whole system. All these items share the need to be converted from metal to plastic.

Our great experience, our polymers knowledge (from the common ones to the super-polymer ones) and our constant research and development activities linked to the application of industrial plastics allow us to satisfy every technical and mechanical requirement.


Metal – plastic conversion

We can carry out feasibility studies on the possibility of transforming components traditionally made from metal into plastic components with the same characteristics and functions

The reproduction of a product in plastic represents a choice in favour of technological innovation which can bring with it numerous benefits, such as:

  • Speed of components assembly thanks to the use of interlocking parts and hooks which replace the use of fasteners
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reductions in transport and installation costs, thanks to the reduced weight of the components
  • Better aesthetics
  • Enviromental impact reductions, for example by eliminating the need to use toxic paints previously used for sheet metal parts

Our experience in the engineering of technical articles has allowed us to create components for many industrial sectors, such as gears, wheels, couplings, cap seals, inserts, valves, seals, spacers, etc.

  • Components for the mechanical sector
  • Components for the system engineering sector
  • Automotive components
  • Articles for the food industry
  • Articles for the building sector
  • Articles for the agricultural sector
  • Articles for the aerospace sector
  • Articles for the cosmetics sector