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What do we need to give you a quote?

For us to be able to send you a detailed quote we would prefer to receive 2D or 3D drawings, however, our experience in this sector also allows us to draw up an indicative offer starting from any drawing, existing part or project sketch you send to us.

How long will it take to get a quote?

Usually between 24 – 48 hours, depending on the number of requests being dealt with at that time.


How is a design created and how long does it take?

A design comes about from a meeting between our technicians and your ideas/needs, during which the technical and aesthetic requirements which your product has to meet are set out, whether the project starts from scratch or whether you are considering a restyling of an existing product. Within 4 – 5 working days following this briefing, we will send you a series of photorealistic renderings of the object which will give you a preview of your design.

Why is it important to have a design studio in a moulds and moulding company?

Our design studio operates inside Csplast, a company which has been operating in the moulds and plastic moulding sector for over thirty years and is therefore fully aware of all the limitations involved in the construction of moulds and in injection moulding technology. The designs which we propose can always be realized immediately without the need for any modifications and are already conceived with the aim of optimizing the costs involved in making the moulds, which allows us to stay within your investment budget.


What is engineering?

Engineering is the stage when a design in an executive 3D file is transformed for creating the product prototype and the moulds. Our technical office, in close collaboration with you, is able to design the 3D mathematics of the object in a manner which is functional to the use of injection moulding technologies.   During this stage all the product’s operating requirements and the internal and external components (e.g.: electronic boards, LEDs, displays, keypads, power supply systems, USB ports, etc.) are taken into consideration in order to achieve a tailor-made solution.

How long, following design approval, does it take to create a prototype?

Once the design has been approved by the client, on average it takes about 10/15 working days to make the first prototype. Of course times will also depend on the technical office’s work load and any design modifications requested by the client during the engineering phase.

What kinds of prototypes can you make?

We can make many types of prototypes based on the technical and aesthetic requirements of the item being produced:

  • stereolithography prototypes, useful for checking the aesthetics of the product and for showing at trade fairs or to customers;
  • sintered prototypes, also reinforced with carbon or aluminium fibre, useful for carrying out ergonomic and mechanical testing and verifying resistance to high temperatures;
  • prototypes milled from a solid block using CNC machinery;
  • resin cast prototypes made using milled or silicon moulds


How long does it take to make a mould?

A mould can be made in just 5 days, however production times vary depending on the complexity of the mould and the part to be produced.

Can moulds be made quickly?

Thanks to the consolidated experience of Csplast and the use of technologically advanced machinery, we have perfected our knowledge and construction skills. This means we can follow projects even when the time available for going into production is limited.

Can we visit Csplast?

We are always happy to have the opportunity to show off our design and production skills to our clients and potential clients by showing them our company and the work in progress on their projects.

For how many pieces is a mould generally guaranteed?

This depends on a number of factors: the production batches envisaged, the characteristics of the parts and the moulding materials, the investment budget established by the client.

To simplify things, we have classified moulds into 4 different categories:

  • A Sup – Guaranteed for life
  • A – Guaranteed for 100.000 parts
  • B – Guaranteed for 30.000 parts
  • C – Guaranteed for 10.000 parts


How long after the mould has been made will it take to receive the moulded parts?

The first sample of parts is guaranteed within just a few days of completing the mould. These samples will be sent to the client for approval within the following 24 hours.

How many parts will I receive as a sample?

The cost of making the mould always includes between 10 – 20 free samples so that you can assess the moulded part.

What do you mean by the "machine set-up" when referring to the mould?

“Machine set-up” of the mould means installing the mould on the press once the mould has been made and the preparations on the press to start production. During this stage we collaborate with the moulding departments to identify the right set-up for the production parameters (temperatures, pressure, cooling) in order to guarantee a top quality product in terms of aesthetics and/or functionality which fully meets the project requirements.

What materials can you use?

We can design and produce articles in all types of polymers and thermoplastic rubbers, from the standard types commonly used (PE, PS, PP, ABS, PMMA, PA6, POM, SEBS, PU…) to the more technical and specific ones (PVDF, PEEK, PI, PPO…). Our vast experience in the use of raw materials allows us to give you advice on which is the best material for your product.

What colour will my product be?

In the same way that we offer all plastic types, we also offer all colours in all their various shades, be they RAL or Pantone colours or if a colour needs to be “copied” from an existing piece.   This is possible by using a master or compound material.

Is there a minimum production batch?

The Csplast production structure is extremely flexible and can schedule and easily manage in very short times any type of production, from 10 – 100,000 pieces (even with small batches of just 100/500 pieces at a time).

Do you also take care of post-moulding processing?

In collaboration with Csplast we can offer you post-moulding processes aimed at personalizing your products, such as painting, ultrasonic welding, pad printing, assembly/gluing of parts, execution of special surface treatments.