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New Post-moulding service: FIPFG sealing (Form InPlaceFoamGasket)

Our constant commitment in identifying solutions and services for our customers allow us to offer you the possibility to add two-component polyurethane foam gaskets to the plastic components moulded by Csplast

What it is

Through the FIPFG (Form In Place Foam Gasket) process, liquid polyurethane is applied on the plastic component, it expands and totally adheres, shaping the desired gasket. In this way your item will be provided with an hermetic gasket, which will keep its shape over time. 

This process makes possible to produce gaskets in an automated way, without further labor interventions, assembly or maintenance.


  • Also  applicable to complex geometries or to discontinuous sections of thickness;
  • Excellent  sealing results;
  • Possibility of obtaining high levels of IP protection;
  • Possibility of UL approval;
  • Weather and aging resistant;
  • No water absorption
  • Repeatability and accuracy of dimensions;
  • Excellent chemical resistance;
  • Lower costs in terms of material waste  and processing times

Areas of application

This technology is recommended for all those products which require protection from the penetration of fluids, humidity and/or dust.

It is mainly used in these sectors: automotive, electronics, mechanics, cleaning, housewares and furnishings.

With this application we can forget the old die-cut gaskets, o-rings and other complicated systems.

Feel free to contact us to ask for further information, our Technical / Commercial Department is available for any curiosity!