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New I-Link device realized with plastic injection moulding

From the prototype to the finished product: design, engineering, mould engineering and plastic injection moulding

I-Link is a universal device, which is employed to monitor the depth of escavation. It is usable with every excavator machine, because it is easy to place. Powerful magnets are integrated on its backside and they allow a simple allocation and a good stability of the device during the handling phase.

The product detects the position of the bucket in every moment and comunicates this information to the operator with an App for Tablet and Smarthphone.

From the engineering point of view, we have kept the focus also on the product ergonomics: the shells should be functional, pleasant to the touch, non-slips and easily manipulated.

Design and functional prototypes have been realized with our Technical Department for an important company in the sector. From its ideation Csplast has guaranteed the producibility through the plastic injection moulding. A careful engineering process and mould construction have allowed us to obtain the desired device. Currently, it is moulded in our Production Department.

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