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Mould construction and use of robotized moulding

The innovation in the Injection Moulding Department of Csplast is the result of the engineering studies of our technicians. This allows us to design and construct multi cavities moulds with intelligent automation system.

Our R&D Department has developed for an important company of the beauty and cosmetics sector moulds, which are able to work with the aid of manipulating robots. This process guaranties a fully automated production cycle.

Through the masterly engineering and construction of the moulds in a robotic process automation optics is possible to:

  1. produce extremely high quantities;
  2. obtain rapid and autonomous moulding cycle;
  3. optimize production times;
  4. decrease the cost of the moulded product;

The choice of a unique partner like Csplast means a continuous assistance from the development of the engineering to the moulded product. This brings an important advantage: the guarantee to avoid disconnections in the development of the project.

We follow every single step with the customer (from the first meeting, the aesthetic and design development, to the delivery of the moulded pieces): our customers’ production goals become ours.

Injection moulding with intelligent automation system.