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Injection moulding: on-time delivery in a period of uncertainty

On-time delivery is something that any and every injection moulding partnership should guarantee. However, we imagine that during this period your production may at some time have been halted due to an essential component being delayed along the supply chain.

These days there are truly countless inconveniences that can arise along the way in manufacturing.

How can costs caused by delays be avoided?

What guarantees should your mould and moulding service supplier be able to give you to ensure your project will move forward on time and within the set budget?

Here we will analyse a few important aspects:

  1. 1. On-time delivery in plastic part injection moulding
  2. 2. Procurement for injection moulding in this period of instability
  3. 3. How to get your injection moulding project delivered within the agreed times

Let’s look at them in more detail!

1. On-time delivery in plastic part injection moulding

Delivering on time involves much more than a simple date on a calendar or a number. It reflects the ability of your chosen partner to manage materials and production. When this all goes according to plan, processes run smoothly.

This means your partner is able to correctly manage the supply chain and, whenever necessary, deal with any delays in the delivery of raw materials. It also means having the necessary flexibility to make quick changes in schedules to optimize production times and processes. Here in Csplast we take care of every stage leading to mass production in-house, from the design to the engineering of a plastic product, from injection mould construction to moulding the end part. Direct management of the production stages also facilitates management of the supply chain, avoiding costly delays.

2. Procurement for injection moulding in this period of instability

In the world of plastic, delivery times depend on numerous factors, including the availability of raw materials. Here in Csplast – also thanks to our collaboration with dependable and qualified suppliers – we are constantly up to date on supply chain issues and we are committed to promptly communicating them to our customers so we can help them handle even long delivery times. We make all of our experience and know-how available for assessing possible variations in material wherever possible or, together with the customer, we can agree to purchase and manage of higher quantities of warehouse stock.

3. Getting your injection moulding project delivered within the agreed times

When it comes to guaranteeing on-time deliveries, communication between partners is crucial.

In the field of plastics, procurement of the raw materials can take anywhere between 6 to 16 weeks or more, depending on any issues linked to the type of supply.

In Csplast the process for communicating timing with the customer involves an initial agreement on times and expectations: planning in advance can reduce procurement issues which may inevitably arise in our daily business activities. Ample forewarnings make it possible to adjust deadlines and consequently avoid terrible inconveniences for our customers.

Furthermore, another essential factor in facilitating compliance with agreed delivery times for a project lies in the decision to place your trust in a partner like Csplast. We can also provide, and therefore directly manage, all the services preceding and following the actual injection moulding process, i.e. in-house design and construction of moulds and the execution of post-moulding operations (mechanical processes, surface treatments, product customization using screen and pad printing, assembly).


In today’s unstable environment, it is essential to rely on a mould and injection moulding service supplier who knows how to respond promptly to the needs of its customers.

Csplast offers itself as an expert and reliable partner capable of tackling these types of challenges.

We can design and construct injection moulds and take care of moulding plastic products in-house, thus providing our customers with integrated and essential services to avoid delays and time wastage in the production process.

What’s more, our long-standing and stable relations with our suppliers of raw materials are essential to the certain procurement of goods.

If you have a project to carry out, contact us. We are here for you.