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Jessica Corradi, CEO of Csplast, re-appointed Head of the “Chemistry/Plastic” section for the Council of the Artisan Business Group.


Last May 10th, the corporate roles for the “Chemistry/Plastics” product section were renewed and our CEO Jessica Corradi was renewed in her appointment as Head of the section for the next four years (2022-2026).

Jessica comments as follows: “I thank the members of the GIA for this renewal of my appointment as Head of the “Chemical/Plastic” section and I confirm the group’s desire to continue the focus on the circular economy already undertaken during the previous mandate. The circular economy is of fundamental importance for our sector, especially in this historical moment in which it is everyone’s responsibility to focus on issues such as the integrity of the ecosystem and economic efficiency, fundamental aspects of the 2030 Agenda for ONU Sustainable Development. The research and development of new technologies and polymeric compounds, such as non-toxic or recyclable materials, is a common denominator for the associated companies in the “Chemical/Plastic” sector in the province of Parma.”

In the previous four years, for example, a very interesting dialogue was started with an associated company that operates in the sector of reusing waste materials, then giving them a new life; for example, starting from the waste of posidonia algae found on the beaches, components were created for the thermal insulation of the construction sector. The first informal meetings were followed by a conference held at the University of Parma, which will be followed by new participations and events for the coming years.

Together with our Jessica Corradi, the nomination also saw the election of: Vice Luca Bolzoni Vice Giuseppe Cavalli Consultant Anna Maria Ferri Consultant Luciano Cantù Consultant Romanello Balocchi Consultant Giancarlo Giuffredi

The GIA, Artisan Business Group, was born in 1967 and in these 60 years it has contributed to writing the history of entrepreneurial associations in the area. The task of the GIA is to offer representation and protection to entrepreneurs and companies in the Province of Parma, protecting the entrepreneur as a person and as an economic operator. In addition to offering qualified services such as updates on regulatory and economic news or the development of internationalisation, the GIA promotes relationships and the possibility of networking among members, supporting the philosophy of being together to grow and count more.