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Manica a vento in kit
Manica a vento in kit

Light/Professional windsocks: made from 44-g ripstop spinnaker nylon, ultra light, clearly visible even over significant distances, regulation red and white colours, these windsocks can indicate wind speeds of less than half a metre per second. Comes with a 12-month warranty.

Long Time windsocks: made from 105-g spinnaker nylon, treated with a surface coating to make them strong, long-lasting and weather resistant. Made from laser-cut fabric with cauterized edges. Snap fasteners for attaching them to a windsock hoop. They are sold with a three-year warranty and are particularly suitable for airports and airfields.

Metal windsock hoops: Long Time windsocks are made with special fasteners for attaching them to the metal hoops (diameter 45/60/90 cm) on airport poles. If windsock poles with hoops are not available, on request a fibreglass collar can be supplied along with cords for hanging up the windsock.

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Articolo MV Light/Professional
Dim.Prezzo unitario (Iva esclusa)
MV/01PE100 cm X 14 cm.18,65 €
MV/1.5PE150 cm X 20 cm.33,00 €
MV/02PE200 cm X 28 cm.40,15 €
MV/03PE300 cm X 48 cm.93,69 €
MV/04PE400 cm X 52 cm.113,75 €
MV/05PE500 cm X 90 cm.184,01 €
Articolo MV Long Time
Dim.Prezzo unitario (Iva esclusa)
MV/A1LT160 cm. X 45 cm.212,85 €
MV/BLT260 cm. X 60 cm. 423,79 €
MV/CLT360 cm. X 90 cm.513,00 €
ArticoloDiametroPrezzo unitario (Iva esclusa)
Cerchi metallici45 cm.129,56 €
Cerchi metallici60 cm.149,00 €
Cerchi metallici90 cm.214,55 €